In 1994, Corey founded one of the largest Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) Parts Providers in the U.S. After selling the company in 2020, he pursued his passion for 3D printing by manufacturing his own designs. Today, his previous company remains a leader in true production 3D printing.

BluMak3D embodies Corey's blend of motorsport and Additive Manufacturing expertise. Exploring his love for road racing, in 2005, he formed a fun racing company that built lightweight competition products for Mustangs competing in NASA’s American Iron racing series. This endeavor quickly evolved to the creation of his modern day take on the 69 Boss 302 Mustang from the original Trans Am series. The resulting short run of complete street legal track day cars became cultural icons for their innovation and show quality execution. Using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and the talents of a small but passionate crew, Corey’s designs and products netted constant improvement in lap times, consistent podium finishes, and track records for himself and his customers. He even won the 2014/15/16 West Coast National Championship titles in two different cars.