Need a part for your classic that is unobtainable? No Problem! Just bring or ship your old broken one, or better yet, your car club buddy’s pristine one, or even your opposing side part. We will scan it and provide you with the file type you need. In the case of having the opposing side part, we can make a mirrored file to match perfectly.

Need a new part designed to match up to an existing surface? Do you have and existing prototype that needs to be scanned and reproduced? We can help you out there as well. Just bring in your vehicle or surface that needs to be scanned and we’ve got you covered. Have a prototype you whittled out of balsa wood or used bubble gum? We can scan that as well and even clean up the surfaces in the file of that part so it looks like it was machined.

Your Classic is on jack stands and can’t easily be brought in? No Problem! Our scanner is mobile and we can come to you to get the scanning done.

Need us to also provide you with the actual parts? We can also provide you with high quality 3D printed parts! We have six of the best industrial 3D printers on the market in house- HP’s Multi Jet Fusion. These machines build parts in an extremely tough Nylon that can take temps over 300°F and are quite aesthetically pleasing with almost no visible layer lines. If Nylon doesn’t work for you, we can also source alternative materials that are either 3D printed or cast in silicone molds. We have been in the 3D printing and “Rapid Prototyping” field since 1990 so we know the Pros and Cons of nearly every available process out there. We have vast experience in recreating plastic parts like taillight lenses, headlight housings, dash knobs, or bezels in the correct color, tint, and texture. We can also provide metal parts that are true to the original shape within thousandths of an inch in strong 3D printed Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or several other metals.

What does this service cost? Like many things, that can vary quite a bit. If you have a small part like a door handle and just need a file to have a duplicate 3D printed, that file can likely be had for our minimum charge of $250. Say you want a whole fender scanned and a solid file created from that to use in SolidWorks or your other CAD software, that will cost a bit more. Likely between $800 to $1750 depending on the difficulty. Creating a new design from a sketch can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 days to produce. Simple shapes are easy but when you get into creating new organic or complex surfaces, that can get a bit more costly.

Just need one part for your classic but want it for next to nothing? We may have a good option for you if there is a market for the part you are after. Perhaps the part you are after is rather large and will be fairly expensive to reproduce or you simply would rather spend that money on something else. Well, if you can check these following 3 boxes, we will likely provide you with the part you need for nothing or small fee. 1. There is demand for the part you are after and the market is willing to pay a price, that makes sense for us to reproduce and sell. 2. You are willing to take the time to provide us the market details for the part you need in an email. (eBay listing links for the part, which years and models the parts fit, how many of those models were produced, what you think your car buddies would pay for a quality, US made reproduction). 3. You can either loan us a part that we can use for scanning or molding or at least find us a source for an original part to use for scanning.